CABLE WEBINAR SERIES: Fault location, testing and diagnostics

CABLE WEBINAR SERIES: Fault location, testing and diagnostics

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Register now for our comprehensive and special series of cable webinars, four episodes to dive deeper into the subject of cable, from fault location to testing and diagnostics.

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Tony Walker, Robert Probst and Henning Oetjen, cable specialists. 



#1 Cable Fault location – Wednesday 28th July at 10am

A cable fault is a failure of the most vital component inside of a power  cable, the bulk insulation between center conductor and neutral. This will inevitably  cause  an  unexpected  and  expensive  in-service  outage  which  negatively  impacts  key  performance  indicators.  Due to the different nature of the various different types of faults, Cable Fault Location (CFL) is  a troub-leshooting process: methods and technologies applicable to a certain type of fault might not be useful on other faults.

Understand the modern fault locating approach which is a heuristic process in three steps using highly  integrated,  digitally  controlled  and  fully  automated  fault  location  systems. Systems that enable to locate cable faults quickly and without causing damage to the remaining healthy parts of the cable.



#2 Introduction to VLF testing – Wednesday 25th August at 10am

Cables can be highly capacitive, so  testing  the  insulation  at  a  standardized  test  frequency  of  0.1  Hz  often  requires  a  significant  power  output  from  the  test  equipment.  Many cable test systems are therefore quite large as a result. Very Low Frequency (VLF) test sets are used to verify the dielectric integrity of the cable under test, be it for commissioning/ acceptance testing or for maintenance testing.

Discover how our solutions can help you in cable testing as they are designed to be comprehensive and  with  a  focus  on  portability, usability and reliability.



#3 PD Testing in the cable’s life management – Wednesday 22nd September at 10am

Partial  discharge  (PD)  activity  is  an  indication  of  an  incipient  fault in the insulation and is one of the best “early warning” indicators  of  deterioration  in  medium  and  high  voltage  cables.

Discover how useful is cable diagnostics in case of a new cable system to verify the quality and assess its condition before a cable is put into operation and also, when replacing cables based on their condition. For critical cables that are already in operation, permanent or periodic condition analysis can identify potential faults, so that plan-ned, condition-based maintenance work can be carried out.



#4 Tan Delta Testing on Medium Voltage Cables – Wednesday 20th October at 10am

Tan delta diagnostics are dielectric loss measurement on medium voltage cables.

Tan delta measurements allows the operator to precisely determine a  cable’s  condition.  Integral  aging  effects,  such  as  the  degree  of  humidity  and  “water  treeing”  can  be  simply  recognised  and  quantified, making the tanDelta diagnostics the ideal instrument for monitoring cable conditions.