Megger APAC/ ME Distributor Conference 2019 was successfully held in Bangkok, Thailand from 30 Apr -

Megger APAC/ ME Distributor Conference 2019 was successfully held in Bangkok, Thailand from 30 Apr - 2 May

Bkk conference 2019

Attended by over 120 guests including Megger site representatives, product managers, site application specialists, area regional sales managers, regional application engineers as well as Megger distributors over the regions, the Megger Bangkok conference 2019 was such an invaluable chance for us to get together and share Megger’s values, key product/application updates and business directions.

The conference adopted a new format of panel discussion. There were hearty discussions among Megger and distributors which helped achieve a mutual understanding about market situation and demand, and would also further fuel our business growth in the regions. The aim of the discussions was to come up with one or two very excitable action items for each distributor and site.

Megger always treasures our relationships with distributors and want to recognise their efforts. To show our appreciation, there were ceremonial announcements throughout the event to celebrate our success in the regions and at the same time recognize sales distributors’ contributions for that. Some sales distributors were even awarded as “Megger Euromillions Club” for their total revenues exceeding a million-euro last year. 

One of the objectives of this year’s conference was to create a stronger bonding among all. We had had a great and fun cruise dinner on the famous Chao Praya River. Not only did we enjoy the music and food, the night view of Bangkok, but also the ‘relationship build-up’ opportunities with each other. 

During the Gala dinner, Megger’s VP, Mr. Andrew Boughtwood had an idea of contributing back to the society and it was well received. We collected a total of $1,145 and ATE, the distributor in Thailand, further raised some more from their office staff to make the total US$1,560 (50,000 THB). The donation all went to the “Baan Nontapum Foundation” which is a local foundation for poor and disabled children in Thailand. We believe our donation will be put in good use and will be beneficial to our less fortunate fellows in the society.

The three-day conference ended with gratitude and applause but it would definitely be a memorable one for us all.