APAC Circuit Breaker Testing Workshop 2019 was successfully held in Fuzhou, China

APAC Circuit Breaker Testing Workshop 2019 was successfully held in Fuzhou, China

Fuzhou CB workshop

The workshop was divided into two sessions, one lecture day followed by two days of hands-on. On the first day, we focused on testing principles & theories, testing methods, results analysis and CABA Win testing software usage. Megger’s circuit breaker testing products including TM1800, TM1700, EGIL and Vidar were covered.

The second and third day was dedicated to field hands-on. We brought our testing instruments to the workshop at the Power Laboratory of State Grid Fujian Province Maintenance Company where an ABB circuit breaker and two locally made circuit breakers were nicely set up for us to perform our tasks. The attendees were divided into three groups to maximize testing experiences for everyone.

At the beginning, the teams were given test assignments which were carefully designed for obtaining all core/field required measurement skills. At the end of the second hands-on day, all teams presented their results with comments and Nils gave additional inputs. Special thanks to Nils Wäcklén, Control Measurements Limited (local distributor in China), Gwyneth Sun and the Fujian Province Maintenance Company for enabling this workshop successful.

This intensive three-day workshop had provided us a deeper understanding on circuit breaker testing and real life operation issues with preventive measures, which would help us and distributors better address customers’ problems and testing requirements. At the end of the workshop, each attendee was presented with a Certificate of Completion to recognize their hard work and contribution in these three days.

This circuit breaker testing workshop is one of our three focused hands-on workshop series in APAC. The other two are transformer testing workshop and relay testing workshop which we have been hosting annually for the last 3 years with great success. These focused workshops have contributed significantly to enhancing our confidences in the daily activities, sharpening our competitiveness and strengthening our core testing knowledge. These workshop series will be continued in the near future.