Insulation testing
AC insulation testing
HPG35, HPG50, HPG58 and HPG78

HPG35, HPG50, HPG58 and HPG78

AC HV test sets

  • HPG 35, AC testing up to 35 kVrms
  • HPG 50 / 58 AC testing up to 50 / 58 kVrms
  • HPG 78, AC testing up to 78 kVrms

The AC voltage test sets HPG 35 to 78 are suitable for 50 Hz AC testing of test objects with a low capacity. In addition to 50 Hz AC testing these units can also be enhanced to a DC test set, (see DC-Test Systems).

Typical application areas:

  • Testing of switchgear
  • Testing of current-transformers
  • Testing of MV plant/ component testing